Customer Satisfaction

Metro Parking Systems proposes to operate the Johnny’s Downtown location valet facilities with an intense focus on customer satisfaction. As operator history of over 12,000 parking spaces around the country, many of which are large event parking facilities, upscale valet operations, and Class A professional buildings, Metro Parking Systems has the knowledge and experience to offer the highest quality service and to do so most efficiently.

An Operations Manager shall be assigned to the valet service. He or she will conduct regular monitoring and governing of the sidewalk maintenance in front of restaurant (sweeping, salting, shoveling).

Valet greeters will check in vehicles in the same order and line as they arrived at the venue. This ensures an orderly, efficient, and fast check-in process. Each driver will give their key to the valet attendant and receive a claim check for their vehicle. The vehicle will promptly be moved from the greeting area back to the garage using an on-site route. This configuration is similar to rental car return areas at airports.

Customers displaying a disabled parking placard or license plate will check in at the same location; however, their vehicle will be parked and returned on the closet exits to ensure continued convenience for persons with disabilities.

Occupancy of the West 3rd parking lot will be monitored by the valet operator. As the lot approaches capacity, operators will clear one of the queuing lines in the valet greeting area to be used as a bypass. When the West 3rd lot reaches capacity, valet attendants will place a sign at the entrance to alert drivers that the facility is full.

Based on anticipated valet demand, arrivals to the venue on a weekend can reach up to 20 vehicles per hour, Departures may approach similar levels but at different times of the day. The projected maximum total vehicles arriving, being moved, or departing from the West 3rd lot is 20 per hour.

For example, during the evening, arrivals are high and departures are low. Therefore, greater numbers of employers are needed to check in and park vehicles, rather than move and check out vehicles. During the middle of the day, arrivals and departures are more balanced and in the late afternoon and evening, they are typically higher.

The number of staff needed per hour is based on the number of vehicles checked in, moved, and checked out; the available inbound and outbound queuing capacity; and the number vehicles that a typical employee can service during an hour.

We anticipate an initial service rate of 10 vehicles per hour which is expected to increase over time. The service rate is affected by several factors including layout of the greeting areas, distance between check-in location and vehicle storage areas, location of stairs, etc..

At a service rate of 10 it is expected that approximately 2 valet staff will be needed, and dedicated to the check in area when arrivals are highest.

Over time as the valet operation is refined, the efficiency rate is expected to increase to 15 vehicles per hour (or above). A staff efficiency rate of 15 and 2 valet staff result in being able to accommodate up to 50 vehicles. Metro Parking Systems employees shall be properly trained as outlined here